Shades of Gender

Radio Talk show Host – Terri Lee Ryan

What is the Shades of Gender Show about?

Shades of Gender

Cross-dressers, gender-fluid, bi-gender and the transgender individuals are complicated groups. The Shades of Gender show focuses on these groups and all the others who are dealing with gender issues. Gender identity is, of course, not the same as sexual identity, yet to many even in the LGBTQ group with gender identity issues are largely misunderstood, ignored or forced to fit into a definition of who others want them to be rather than to be who they really are.

Our host, Terri Lee Ryan’s cuts through the chaos and gets to know the people behind these labels. Her path into the gender identity world began with her ex-husband who was a cross-dresser. This was the 1980’s and back then no one used these terms, yet he often asked her “if he could go upstairs and dress up.”  His obsession with him presenting, as a woman in private became an issue in their marriage as it was never really defined or explained to her. Her ex even suggested that she must be a lesbian to meet his femme side needs.

Confusing???? Yes, totally!!

They divorced for a myriad of issues but she never forgot the days of his cross-dressing and how when he put on that dress that he changed his gender. He acted like another person, a woman with her own identity and needs. It was scary for her to see her ex-husband just disappear into a woman’s psyche. She felt like I was married to two people, a man and a woman.

Years went by and after packaging an unscripted TV show that won an award at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF), she had the pleasure of meeting Fenton Bailey, Co-owner of World of Wonder Productions who produces RuPaul, Million Dollar Listing and a number of other TV shows and documentaries. She asked him if he wanted to join her in her search for understanding of cross-dressers.

This led to selling her segment, “I Married a Cross-dresser” as part of the Forbidden Love series in the UK to SKY (Fox TV) in 2014. It focused on four couples who were married to or living with their mates and were straight men, though one of them stated he was bi-sexual. She immersed myself into the cross-dresser community around the world and this led me to the transgender group.

What Terri found out after speaking and meeting with thousands of cross-dressers, gender fluid, bi-gender and transgender persons worldwide, is that there is so much more to learn about gender identity. Who they are? How do they differ from one another? What is their story? Why come out now? Has their experience changed after coming out in public?

Who is Terri Ryan and what’s her experience?

Terry Ryan Shades of Gender

                         Voice Actor, Author, Documentary Producer, Blogger

An experienced radio host, Terri is the producer of the documentary, “I Married a Cross-dresser” which aired on Sky Living Channel in the U.K. on November 2014 as part of the Forbidden Love series and was aired on ABC-TV in Australia. This documentary was about four men that happen to be cross-dressers and involved with a woman who are supportive, for the most part, of their cross-dressing and femme identity. If offered an insight into the challenges for these couples and their families and gives an insight into who cross-dressers really are, their journey to be accepted by society and how they fit into the transgender community.

Terri’s docu-series Rori’s Party was a top five finalist in the New York Television Festival’s Lifetime TV competition. It is about Rori and her store that has catered to the transgender community for 25 years, where she sells larger clothing, shoes, make-up, wigs and breast forms. Check out the sizzle reel: 

Terri’s docu-series, “Tails in the City”, was a finalist in the non-scripted comedy division at the New York Television Film Festival, in 2012, where it was premiered in Tribeca to rave reviews. It was about obsessive “dog-moms” in Chicago who coddle, carry and obsess about their furry dog-children.

She writes a blog for the Chicago Media Group ChicagoNow site. Shades of Gender that offers insight on the current state of the transgender community and the many faces of this group. Terri was a columnist for the Transgender/Cross-dresser site, Sister House, a popular resource for these communities and has since been closed down when the founder, Tasi, passed away.

Sheis the author of the popular book Life Is One Big To-Do List: A Woman’s Life after 40. This fun, witty self-help book addresses the issues woman face after forty when their hormones are diminishing faster than they can take supplements and the cellulite on the back of their legs is growing like a virus.

She has been featured and/or written articles for the Chicago Sun-Times, Desert Woman magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Frock magazine, Repartee magazine, and the Transgender Group (TG) Forum. She has made appearances and has been a guest host on Access Hollywood, ABC-TV, WLS-AM-890, WGN-AM-720 radio and numerous radio stations across the country.